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If we just follow the physical symptoms we can eliminate the emotional pain

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Hi Everyone,

Listen in as Elise Krog from South Africa applies EFT to her husband by going after physical symptoms instead of the emotional issues that he doesn’t want to face. We call this “chasing the pain” and it is often an effective way to collapse emotional problems without ever addressing them directly.

Hugs, Gary

By Elise Krog

Dear Gary,

Background: My name is Elise and I am from South Africa. My husband suffers from bouts of depression and anxiety. He also doesn’t like to talk a lot when going through a bout of depression. He is kind of depressed at the moment not badly but moves in and out every few days. (I only learnt EFT a few weeks ago and have only been working on myself and my MS).

My EFT story: Last night I was massaging his hands while we were watching TV and when I got to the point of the fleshy bit between the thumb and index finger it was really very sore. I asked him if he would let me try and get rid of that pain with EFT. (I wasn’t sure if it would work as everybody hurts if you push that point hard). I instinctively knew that he wouldn’t want to talk so I just kept rubbing the point with one hand and tapping on his face and hands with the other.

After tapping a few times around his face and under his arm and chest I then tapped the gamut point and did the eye-roll myself as I didn’t think that he would cooperate with that. Once the pain started to ease a little I asked him to do the open eyes close eyes and eye roll, which he did, but he didn’t want to sing and count so I did that for him in my head. After about 5 min the pain had gone all together and he seemed a little surprised as he has taken for granted like me that that pain is always there. I asked him if I could do the other hand and he said yes.

At first the pain got worse and then started easing. When he could feel that my hand got tired after a minute he then did the rubbing of the point in his hand and I carried on tapping on him. After about 5 min that pain was gone and then a strange thing happened. As soon as that pain eased he got an intense pain in his lower arm by his elbow.

I got really excited about this as I know that this was the physical version of another aspect. He then rubbed that sore point while I continued to tap. The pain then moved again to another point on the same arm. When that pain went he started to feel nauseous like a migraine was coming (he sometimes suffers from migraines). I kept tapping and he said that the nausea got worse when I tapped on his face but started easing when I tapped on his karate chop point or gamut point. I realized that he was tired and not ready to go to another “aspect” so I just tapped those points until the nausea went away.

Afterward he said that he felt weird in a good way. When he got up he said that he felt taller and later after he had eaten dinner he said that he hadn’t clenched his jaw once since I had worked with him. The thing that excited me so much is that we have found a way to work with him without him having to think of emotions, which he doesn’t like to do. If we just follow the physical symptoms we can eliminate the emotional pain.

This is the first time he has let me do EFT on him and he was amazed at how powerful it is. (He has been to kinesiology, body stress release, reflexology and psychological counselling over the years although is not doing anything of these things at the moment.)


Elise Krog


I quit smoking with EFT by using rebellion as a cause

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Here is a brief EFT story that should give hope to some addiction clients. Angelique used tapping for many possible causes for her smoking addiction but made no real headway until she addressed her rebellion as a young person.

By Angelique


I just wanted to share my experience with others. I wrote to you some time ago about how I cleared up a 3 year episode of eczema with EFT. Well I recently set out to finally break free of the addiction of cigarettes. I smoked since I was 13. I am now 31 and I tried everything…including some tapping.

Well this time I was serious so I tapped on everything I thought would be related to the addiction. This included the reason I started and the various “trigger times” for me. Nonetheless, there was still something left. Guess what it was…..


After I tapped on that, I was done. I also made sure that I tapped on the child inside of me needing to rebel. What is even more interesting is that my boyfriend is trying to quit so after 2 days of not smoking I said ok I will have a last one with you. I couldn’t even inhale the cigarette. My body wouldn’t let me.

I am so excited about EFT, I tell everyone about it and now I am confident enough to start my Hypnotherapy practice. I just want people to consider the rebellion aspect of addiction, especially when they start young because I think that is a driving force.

Thanks Gary,


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Everyday EFT to Create a Fabulous Life: The Emotional Joy Technique

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Carol Tuttle is an EFT practitioner as well as an author, speaker and frequent personality on radio and TV. In this article she blends her various skills in the self help area to provide us with a useful procedure to enhance the positive within us.

By Carol Tuttle

What I would like to teach you in this short article is how to use EFT to jump start your life in creating more of what you want. To encourage you to include in your practice of EFT the belief that you can create a better life. To get you to take EFT beyond problem-solving into the wonder of manifestation and creation.

I use EFT every day of my life to assist me creating a better life. I compare my daily practice of EFT to brushing my teeth. I brush my teeth every day—just like you do. I do this to prevent cavities and ensure good dental health. I don’t wait until I go to the dentist to find out I have cavities or other dental problems to start brushing. Neither do you. I brush every day because I want to create healthy teeth—as you do.

I use EFT every day to release negative thoughts and feelings. I also use EFT in the following manner to assist me in creating a healthy, prosperous life:

While tapping on the seven consecutive points of the EFT shortcut—(1) Eyebrow (EB), (2) Side of Eye (SE), (3) Under Eye (UE), (4) Under Nose (UN), (5) Chin (CH), (6) Collarbone (CB), (7) Under Arm (UA), and (8) Top of Head (H)—I repeat the following script every morning as part of getting ready for my day:

“It’s amazing how well my day goes. It is as if the Universe knows who I am and what I want and things flow to me in such a timely way. It is as if I am dancing with the Universe.

“Emergencies are non-existent in my physical experience. The people that come to me are benefiting from their exposure to me. It is as if I have a secretary in the sky that is taking care of everything and just feeding it to me with such ease and grace and comfort that my day just flows and unfolds magnificently.

“When I wake up in the morning, I am infused with the energy of well-being. I’m just glad to be alive. I can hardly wait to exercise my body and I am thankful for the time I can spend with my children.

“When they awaken, my children and spouse are joyful and happy to be alive and we have such fun interacting with one another. This is some of the most precious time of our day as we embark upon our day together—positively anticipating what will unfold.

“As I make my way to different events of my day, I experience a lovely time. I am very appreciative of all the wonderful people in my life. I am grateful for the spiritual support I receive and the angelic help that is taking care of the details and making sure that this day unfolds in a magical way.

“I love seeing their attention to detail, and I love seeing them eagerly finding more ways to make everything go comfortably. I love recognizing that they’re helping me bring my life into balance.

“I love being a wife/husband. I love being a mom/dad. I love getting into a space wherein I realize that I can deal with anything. I love connecting with the infinite power and knowledge of my life. I love knowing the benefit I offer to others. Most of all, I love the joy of the unfolding of my life. I love the new surprises that come my way, my ability to move with them, and the inspiration that comes to me effortlessly. I love knowing that I can participate in anything I want to participate in. I love knowing I have infinite choices.”

(Daily Script is from Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century by Carol Tuttle.)

As you practice using EFT with the above script, your energy is recording this information in your brain and body. Tapping while focusing on the positive aspects and desires of your life will bring your energy level UP!

[GC COMMENT: There are many explanations for why Carol’s procedure works and Carol’s idea above is one of them. I like to think that as we say all these positive statements our system brings up negative resistance in the form of “tail enders” or “yes buts.” These, in turn, become reduced through EFT tapping. The result is few negative emotional weights and thus more joy. The important idea of tail enders is described in detail in my series The Palace of Possibilities.

[CAROL CONTINUES: As well as using EFT with a script like the above, apply EFT any time you feel good. If you are feeling good, tap, tap, tap! Tap the above points while saying statements such as the following:

I am feeling good.

It is normal to feel this good.

I am feeling better and better all the time.

This is a familiar feeling.

I am grateful for my vibrant life force energy.

I am attracting good things to me.

I am amazed at how well my life is going.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I am getting use to being happy more and more of the time.

I am thankful for all the good that flows to me.

I am grateful for my life and how it keeps getting better.

EFT is not only powerful in its ability to create emotional freedom from negative emotions, it is an amazingly powerful way to create emotional joy! As you practice using EFT for positive emotions, you will program these energy patterns in your being and as a result emit a more vibrant life force energy which will attract to you a more vibrant, prosperous, and graceful life. You can call it EJT–Emotional Joy Technique!

Just as important as taking care of your physical health is taking care of your energy health. The power of EFT is evidenced by your getting many positive results in clearing unwanted thoughts, feelings, patterns, issues and behaviors. Start using EFT as a daily practice to not only release the negative but to also anchor in more and more of the positive to help you create a more vibrant, fabulous life!

Carol Tuttle
Author of Remembering Wholeness

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9 year old boy uses EFT to deal successfully with divorce and school problems

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Baerbel Froehlin, CHt details how she used EFT to help a young boy deal with divorce and subsequent school problems. Please note how she listened to this youngster and allowed his words to lead her to the core issue…namely, his concern for not being “fun to be with.”

By Baerbel Froehlin, CHt./HypnoCoach, EFT-ADV


This is the story of “Johnny”, a 9-year-old boy whose parents have been in difficult divorce negotiations for almost two years now. During this long time of emotional turmoil his dad moved out of the house. All this has affected Johnny very much, to the point that his mom brought him to me to find out how we could help him get through this a little easier.

Johnny is a cute, slim boy, highly sensitive, with enormous big brown eyes. When he smiles at me I feel like the sun is becoming brighter and warmer. I get the impression he listens to some inner music, dreams his boy dreams often as he goes about his day. He easily cries or looks completely devastated, depending on what is going on around him. Johnny is very particular and thorough with everything he does; he likes to spend time on creative projects that need to be assembled, and he has been very good at that since he was a little boy.

On top of having to suffer through the painful changes going on at home Johnny has never liked school; school with all its demands and rushes used to be a big problem. He always needed more time for his assignments than others. He often missed recesses because of that. He didn’t like reading and wasn’t good at it. It seems he felt pressured most of the time to keep up with the other kids. Every morning before school he started crying bitterly and saying how much he hated school.

His school problems had become worse since his dad had left the family.
As we started to tap on

Even though Dad and Mom don’t want to live together anymore”
“Even though I really miss my dad”
“Even though I feel sad about this situation…”

I suggested for him to say “…but I am such a cool kid anyway….”
In an instant he stopped me in my tracks and said instead: “ … but I am still fun to be with!”” And that’s how we proceeded.

We never mentioned school at all.

He talked about how he missed his dad and that he needed to say “I’m still fun to be with”.
Kids often blame themselves for the problems their parents have with each other; for Johnny it was important that others liked spending time with him. As we talked about his friends and the games they play together, he again insisted on saying

“Even though I play with some of my friends more than others … I am still fun to be with.”

We ended the session with

“Even though Mom and Dad don’t like to be with each other any more … they both still like to be with me … they both love to spend time with me …. and I know that I’m still fun to be with!”

His face had changed, his eyes had a sparkle and there was a big smile. He gave me a hug and decided that he was doing great now and ready to leave. We briefly discussed a few tapping issues for him to do at night and when he’d feel sad or lonely.

A few weeks later his mom gave me this update:

Johnny has much improved in school. He doesn’t cry any more before school. He doesn’t mind reading now, his reading has improved a lot. He is not missing recesses any longer, because he is not getting behind anymore. He finishes assignments on time; he stays on track now. His energy level has improved greatly and he generally is in a good mood. Besides the improvements in school he has been able to adjust and live more easily with the complicated situation in his family.

The other day his mom overheard him talking on the phone, explaining the tapping points and procedure to his dad.

What a joy to teach EFT to kids.

Love to all!

Baerbel Froehlin, CHt./HypnoCoach, EFT-

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